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As we age, a common complaint is thinning of the lips and decrease of red lip show. Now there is a permanent solution. Surgisil¬© lip implants are soft, pliable and made of solid silastic, so they won’t disolve away with time. Surgisil¬© lip implants were recently featured on The Doctors TV program (see the program by clicking HERE). The implants are placed through tiny incisions made at the corner of the mouth and pulled gently into position. The procedure can be done in our office-based operating room under local anesthesia, or with the assistance of a nurse to administer sedation. The result is fuller lips that are soft, smooth and totally natural to both look and feel. The implants come in small, medium and large widths as well as several different lengths to fit all lip sizes and shapes. Even lip asymetries can be permanently corrected with lip implants. Click HERE to schedule a consultation to learn more about a permanent and natural solution to thin lips.

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