Facial Surgery Training

What is Facial Plastic Surgery?
A Facial Plastic Surgeon differs slightly from a full-body plastic surgeon in that we focus exclusively and specifically on both cosmetic and reconstructive procedures of the face, head and neck. Each face is unique, has wide variations in individual expression, and is one of the most complex and important characteristics that creates the individual. As such, the specialty of Facial Plastic Surgery was developed to master these complexities.
What training is required to become a Facial Plastic Surgeon?

To become a Facial Plastic Surgeon one must have fellowship training after completing residency. The process is long and starts by attending medical school and completing a residency in either ENT/Head and Neck Surgery or a fellowship in general Plastic Surgery. After completing residency training, one must apply for the competitive fellowship matching process. Those fortunate enough to be selected become fellows. In summary:

  • Medical School- 4 years
  • Residency- ENT/Head and Neck Surgery takes 5 years
  • Fellowship- 1-2 years

Over 10 years of training is required to master the complexities of nasal function and cosmetics, and the complexities of facial function and appearance.

How does the training of a Facial Plastic Surgeon differ from that of a general Plastic Surgeon?

Full-body Plastic Surgeons also require a long training process. Again, it starts with 4 years of medical school followed by a 5 year general surgery residency. Once complete, a Plastic Surgeon participates in a 2 year plastics fellowship.

  • Medical School- 4 years
  • Residency- 5 years in General Surgery
  • Plastic Surgery Fellowship- 2-3 years
What is the history of Facial Plastic Surgery?
There is an excellent discussion about the father, Dr. Jacques Joseph, of modern Facial Plastic Surgery on the AAFPRS website. Dr. Joseph’s, who lived during the late 1800′s and early 1900′s, work was follow by other great leaders and pioneers including: John Orlando Roe, John J.Conley, Maurice Cottle, Samual Foman and Irving Goldman. Please feel free to click on the link above to learn more of the honorable and storied history of Facial Plastic Surgery and the AAFPRS.

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With sadness, I wanted to personally let you know that we have made the decision to suspend seeing patients at Bitner Facial Plastic Surgery and Utah Hair restoration.

Despite efforts over the past week and a half to decrease traffic and increase the frequency of office sanitation, it has become abundantly clear that for your health and safety and that of my office staff and our families the responsible thing to do is to temporarily stop seeing patients.

If you have had surgery with me and have any concerns, you have my cell phone number, please contact me anytime. Text messaging is best.

We will continue to offer virtual consultations for those wanting to plan for when life is back to normal. Some of my office staff will still be working from home and can be contacted through our contact form on our website or at [email protected] We will try to check voicemail messages periodically but, for the quickest response, an email will be best.

These are very difficult and scary times. I love my practice and love taking care of so many incredible people. However, using precious and limited medical supplies at this time seems irresponsible. We pray for your health and safety and look forward to when we can take care of you again, soon!

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