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The Tanner Clinic is the largest independent multi-specialty group in Davis county with over 70 physicians in many different specialties. The Clinic was started in the early 1950′s when Noall Tanner, my grandfather, Robert F. Bitner, and several other physicians decided to work together. The original Tanner Clinic was located on Gentile just north of Layton Elementary School. Since moving to the current location just west of Davis Hospital, the clinic has continued to grow along with the community. Dr. Bitner joined the clinic the summer of 2009 as the first fellowship trained Facial Plastic Surgeon and Hair Restoration Surgeon. Dr. Bitner performs all insurance based cases either at the Davis Hospital or the Davis Surgical Center. Cosmetic cases are performed in the clinic in-office surgical suite using either local anesthesia, IV sedation or even general anesthesia. The in-office operating suite is fully certified by the AAAASF, American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities. This Association certifies outpatient surgical facilities for safety, cleanliness and quality. Please go to the AAAASF web site for details of the strict requirements for certification.

There are many benefits to having surgery performed in the in-office operating suite. First, both Dr. Bitner and Dr. Yates have worked to ensure that the facility is equipped with the surgical supplies and instruments necessary and specifically for cosmetic cases. So, it is designed to operate efficiently and safely. The risk of infection, especially those arising in a hospital setting are minimized simply because the patients having surgery in the office are not sick. Most cases are performed under local anesthesia with IV sedation using medications that make the patient comfortable and relaxed but still breathing on their own, able to protect their airway and not completely “under”. Several medications are used for anesthesia and most of the operation itself is forgotten. For cases where a deeper plane of anesthesia is required, the anesthesia group from the Davis Surgical Center is asked to come over to the clinic and administer the medications for general anesthesia. These are medical doctors specifically trained in the administration of anesthesia. This helps to both keep ancillary costs down while providing the highest level of safety for the patient.

Having a cosmetic procedure performed in the in-office surgical suite allows for great convenience and privacy. When Dr. Bitner is operating in the clinic, you are usually one of just a couple patients having surgery that day. There is no lengthy check-in process. You are not asked 15 times by 15 different people, your name, date of birth, etc… The clinic location is best situated for convenience and privacy. You can come and go without people asking, staring and wondering what has happened.

When cases are performed in the clinic, there is no additional charge for use of the facility. This, again, helps keep ancillary costs of cosmetic cases to a minimum. These cost savings are passed directly on to the patient.

Safety, convenience, privacy and cost savings are all reasons to have your cosmetic surgery procedure done in our in-office surgical suite at the Tanner Clinic. Call or email questions you may have about our facility. Or, come in and meet Dr. Bitner and his friendly staff. We’d be happy to show you around the clinic and let you see for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the costs associated with a procedure?

Whenever a procedure is performed, either insurance covered or otherwise, there are three or four separate charges associated with the procedure. The first is the surgeons fee. This fee is used to pay for the physicians salary, office overhead, office nursing staff, secretaries, malpractice insurance, and other costs of running a practice. The second fee is the facility fee. This is used to pay for the cost of the surgical building, the surgical equipment, the surgical nursing and other staff and liability insurance. Third, the anesthesia charge. This is used to pay the anesthesiologist salary, malpractice insurance and costs of running their practice. Finally, if implanted material (i.e. breast implants, nasal or facial implants) are used the cost is passed on to the patient often with a small shipping, handling and storage fee markup.

One of the great advantages to having surgery in the Tanner Clinic in-office surgical suite is that the ancillary costs are far less than what would be charged if performed in a hospital or surgery center setting. There is no facility fee charged for surgery performed in the office surgical suite. Further, when IV sedation only is administered, the cost of anesthesia is that charged by the nurse administering and is usually $300 or less.

What is the AAAASF?
The AAAASF is an ambulatory certifying association. This association is strongly endorsed by both the American Academy or Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. The AAAASF’s goal is to provide a standard that ensures safety for the patient having surgery in the facility. The rigorous application process requires that we demonstrate appropriate equipment, policies, procedures and space for administration of anesthesia and performance of surgery is a manner that ensures patient safety. A certified facility inspector visits our surgical suite periodically and makes sure we are staying abreast updates and changes. Again, this process helps to ensure that surgery is performed under only the highest of standards. Standards that are as good or better than surgery performed in a hospital setting.

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