I did it for self esteem. I rarely write…

  • Posted on: May 16 2017
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I did it for self esteem.

I rarely write reviews, but I had such a terrific experience with Dr Bitner and his staff that I just felt compelled to write something. This was my second time receiving the type of surgery (follicle transplant), so I was already familiar with the general processes. And, although I was not disappointed with the results the first time, my experience this time was far better. But, rather than provide a bunch of superlatives, I will state exactly why my experience was so good.

1) His system is well-planned and very professional, but on top of that, Dr Bitner took the time to explain to me his process, and he gave me detailed recommendations for getting the best results. His care for each patient on an individual basis was very apparent. He even emailed me a couple of times during my introductory period.

2) His staff was fantastic: everyone from the receptionist, the pre-surgery coordinator, his medical technologiests, and his nurse. All were professional, friendly and very well-trained.

3) His system is terrific. The first time I had this done was with a major nation-wide group, and it felt like an assembly-line. I felt like a piece of machinery being put together. Dr Bitner’s process was different. I felt relaxed; they talked to me as a person, and they even let me watch a movie while they worked. (And, they served me lunch while I recovered.) The entire process felt “friendly” and personal. Also, I was allowed to sit face-up the entire time, while the first time, I was face down during the “harvesting” process, and it was terrible.

4) His facility is immaculate. As a laboratory engineer, I know some things about sterile facility design and protocols. So, I paid attention; and to me, that means something because I know that following strict guidelines and having a very clean facility means less chance of infection. (And, I had very speedy recovery with absolutely no infection.)

5) The results are terrific. The grafts are just what I had hoped for (although not full-grown as I write this — still too early), and Dr Bitner’s recommendations were absolutely spot-on perfect for what I needed. Also, I paid for the maximum amount possible and got about 400 more grafts than I actually expected. And, he gave me about 700 more than the first time I had this done for a BETTER PRICE! (I highly recommend getting the full amount that you can.)

6) If you are not a resident of Utah, consider flying in and staying there for a couple of days. It’s a beautiful area, and there are several nice hotels nearby. There are reasonably cheap flights from most major cities, and it’s a nice place to visit. (If you do this in the winter, the skiing is awesome, and in the summer, the mountains are gorgeous!)

If you want to contact me for more information or even to see a before/after picture, please feel free to email me. And, if you have lost some hair, and you care about it, trust me, you won’t regret spending a little money toward restoring your self-esteem. To me, it has been the best investment I’ve ever made.

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